XYG24RPT China Painting with Yolanda Gomez Monthly 2024

Roadrunner Ceramics

XYG24RPT China Painting with Yolanda Gomez Monthly 2024

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Roadrunner Ceramics presents China Painting with Yolanda Gomez

Date: Repeats Each Month 2024
Time:  Thursdays 11 am to 2 pm
Location:  Roadrunner Ceramics / 12747 Cimarron Path / San Antonio, TX  78249
Cost:  $140 / person plus materials

Discover the captivating world of china painting on porcelain in a fun 4 week class for all students.  Adult students will learn in a supportive small class setting with instruction from our teaching artist, Yolanda Gomez.  With 20 years of diverse teaching under her belt, skilled and experienced instructor will introduce you to the beauty and intricacies of china painting.

China painting is an ancient technique for the ornamentation of ceramics. The Chinese started decorating their porcelain wares as early as the Han Dynasty (200BCE–220CE) and mastered the skill of applying overglazes long before this method became popular in Europe in the 18th century and in the US in the 19th century. This traditional approach to surface decoration is still being used by porcelain manufacturers today, such as Meissen in Germany.  China paint is applied in stages, with firing after each stage. An initial base of colors is applied to a white glazed piece and then fired. Then more paint is applied and the piece is fired again. This goes on, painting and firing, until the design has built up in layers, in a watercolor technique.

Your class fee includes instruction and firing.  Materials, tools and porcelain "blanks" for decoration will be available for purchase.  You will complete one project, and the class will be repeated each month with a different project if you wish to continue.  This should be an exciting and informative class.