Spectrum Raku Glazes

Our Raku glazes were developed for firing in either electric or gas kilns. Due to the many variables involved in Raku firing, particularly during the reduction phase, our chip charts and printed color charts should be used only as approximate guidelines. Your results may vary greatly due to different firing conditions.

WARNING: When red hot pieces go into the bin, the organic material ignites and will produce flames and smoke. This part of the firing, particularly the opening of the reduction bin, should be done outside. Always take safety precautions when firing raku such as the use of high temperature gloves, protective eyewear, and a respirator. Always have a fire extinguisher handy.

- Try to size the reduction bin to the size of the piece
- Establish a good seal to the reduction bin so that air is not entering and smoke is not leaving the bin.
- Position the organic material ( newspaper, sawdust, etc.) and the piece so that the flames can get all around the piece.
- Different organic materials may produce very different results, for example a glaze reduced in newspaper could be a beautiful blue color and the same glaze reduced in sawdust could have a metallic copper appearance.
- Pieces should be cleaned immediately with water and a hard bristle brush. After cleaning, warm the pieces in the kiln to evaporate any water from the piece. This helps to set the colors more permanently.