AC-001 Kiln Wash Pint
AC-001 Kiln Wash Pint


AC-001 Kiln Wash Pint

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PROTECT YOUR KILN SHELVES For the classroom with a ceramics program or a studio, Mayco Kiln Wash is a dream. One proper application of Mayco Kiln Wash will remain effective through multiple firings, increasing the working life of the kiln shelf.

  • Mayco Kiln Wash offers superior performance for oxidation, reduction, and specialty kiln firings; ranging from cone 018 to cone 13 temperatures.
  • Mayco Kiln Wash is easy to apply and flows smoothly over the kiln shelf. It will not crack or peel when properly applied according to directions.
  • Fire shelves with bone-dry greenware in a bisque firing to mature the kiln wash. Apply it to other kiln furniture and stilts to avoid glaze fusing to the surface.
  • Can be used on posts for wood, soda and salt firings.