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Ancient Philosophers' Quotes Black Underglaze Transfer

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Underglaze tissue transfer printed on thin rice paper. Works on all stages of clay: soft, medium, leather hard, bone dry and bisque. Instructions and test samples are included with every order. For more information and video demos about how to use these transfers, please visit: PLEASE NOTE: The white transfers transfer a little differently than the other colors. They are much lighter in appearance and more subtle when fired. The effect is still lovely and popular among my customers, so I will continue to offer it as an option. Always test transfers first before committing to a large piece or body of work. PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended to rub, sponge or rinse bisqued pieces before glazing as some of the transfers can still smear at this stage. Once glazed, the transfers are permanently fused to the clay and are considered food safe as long as the glaze used over them is rated food safe. PLEASE NOTE: The orange transfers are especially prone to smear after the bisque fire on certain clay bodies, so use care when handling or apply them to bisque rather than leather hard clay. They are fine to brush a glaze over. However, unlike the other colors which can be left unglazed if fired to Cone 6 or higher, the orange transfers need to be covered with a glaze in order to be stable. There are always exceptions, depending on the clay body and/or type of glaze, so again, always test transfers first before committing to a large piece or body of work. It is best to store transfers flat, in a dry area at room temperature and in a sealed plastic bag, out of direct sunlight. The shelf life could be at least 3 years if the transfers are stored properly. Extra Large Size: 19”x13”. Temperature Range: Cone 06-10. Zinc-free Clear Glaze Recommended.