XJN222 Exploring Terra Sigillata

Roadrunner Ceramics

XJN222 Exploring Terra Sigillata

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Roadrunner Ceramics presents
Beginning Wheel Throwing

Date: May 24 - Aug 9, 2022 (Tuesdays)
Time:  9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Location:  Roadrunner Ceramics / 12747 Cimarron Path / San Antonio, TX  78249
Cost:  $365 / person

Take your skills to the next level in a fun 12 week class for intermediate students.  Adult students will learn in a supportive small class setting with instruction from our teaching artist, John Nelson.  Artists of all eras have worked with clay slips to achieve surface decoration.  We’ll experiment with adding colorants (mason stains, oxides, etc.) and decorate vase-style vessels fired to cone 5 in the electric kiln.  We’ll also explore smoking vessels using ceramic and aluminum foil saggars.

John Nelson started the “clay” chapter in Colorado Springs, CO some 30 years ago. Coming to Texas in 1994 to work at Randolph AFB allowed for more course works in clay. John is an adjunct instructor at Southwest School of Art and works at Castroville Pottery. His work includes functional and alternative pottery. His early years include a tour of Vietnam in 1968 and teaching graphic arts at a Native American high school with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Your class fee includes glazes, stains and firing.  Clay and hand tools will be available for purchase.  You may bring your own tools, but clay must be purchased through Roadrunner to avoid kiln mishaps with unknown clay. This should be an exciting and informative class.