Wheel Throwing Dinnerware - Spring 2022

Roadrunner Ceramics

Wheel Throwing Dinnerware - Spring 2022

Regular price $ 365.00

Roadrunner Ceramics presents Wheel Throwing Special Topics

Date: Jan 26 - April 13, 2022
Time:  Wednesdays 9:00 am to noon
Location:  Roadrunner Ceramics / 12747 Cimarron Path / San Antonio, TX  78249
Cost:  $365 / person plus materials (clay, hand tools)

Learn to throw dinnerware sets in a fun 12 week class for advancing students.  Adult students will learn in a supportive small class setting with instruction from our teaching artist, Benner Barclay.  You’ll learn to throw a set of dinner ware and associated serving dishes.  Your work will be fired using several techniques and commercial and custom glazes.  Students should be able to center three pounds of clay, and successfully pull an even cylinder.

Benner Barclay opened his first pottery studio in San Antonio in 1985. He learned to throw pots under Dennis Smith while working as his studio assistant at the Southwest Craft Center. Over the next thirty years he created several other studios and taught community classes at the Southwest School of Art while working as a fulltime potter. Benner enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for pottery with anyone who wants to learn.

Your class fee includes glazes, stains and firing.  Clay and hand tools will be available for purchase.  You may bring and use your own tools, but clay must be purchased through Roadrunner to avoid kiln mishaps with unknown clay.  We are limiting enrollment to six students to allow for social distancing, and ask students to mask.  This should be an exciting and informative class.