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The Workhorse. Look in almost any classroom or Contemporary Studio and you will find a KM1227-3. It is hands down the most popular production kiln on the market. With the largest diameter chamber size of our round top loading kilns, it can pump out volume and size!
  • Write your own firing programs with up to 32 Segments using Ramp and Hold. Now you can store up to 12 programs.
  • … or use the tried and true factory set programs in ConeFire Mode
  • Built in Diagnostics give you or our technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with just a few button presses.
  • New Safety Features help prevent accidental starts and overfires.
  • New software keeps track of your Firing Costs and the Number of Firings
  • Fuse Glass, Slow cool Cone 6 Glazes, Grow Crystals…whatever you want to program this controller can handle.
  • …and so much more. 

Skutt kilns are a build to order purchase with a two week build time and one week ship for typical orders.  The 1227 requires a 6-50 or 15-50 Nema Receptacle Plug. It has an inside opening of 28 inches and a depth of 27 inches. Shipping weight is 400 pounds. The KM 1227 are 3 inch Brick kilns.

KM 1227 240V 1PH Specifications
KM 1227 208V 1PH Specifications
KM 1227 240V 3PH Specifications
KM 1227 208V 3PH Specifications

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