Fong Choo Workshop
Fong Choo Workshop

Roadrunner Ceramics

Fong Choo Workshop

Regular price $ 695.00

Date: Aug 1 - 5, 2022 (Mon - Fri) 
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Roadrunner Ceramics / 12747 Cimarron Path / San Antonio, TX 78249 
Cost: $695 / person - includes clay and glazes

Join us for a hands-on play date with clay!  Bring your open mind, enthusiasm, and curiosity!  Choose your form: vase, cup, cylinder, plate, bowl—whatever you desire!  Individual interaction and encouragement will be given through the bisque firing.

Through the magic of glaze play, learn Fong’s unorthodox methods of glazing. Learn to use commercial low fire and mid range glazes, firing them all to cone 6 oxidation.

A dazzlin’ palette of glaze techniques: Luscious. Random. Runny. Drippy. Marbly. Amazing. Embrace the run!  Learn hybrid crystalline catch trays, drip trays, wads, and stilts. Remove glaze runs using diamond discs on the wheel, die grinders and diamond pads.  Learn to glaze using a spray gun. Create your own teapot!  Time permitting a presentation on making dyed reed cane handles.  Pack some fun!  We hope to see you there! 

Fong Choo has taught workshops across the US and internationally.  A native of Singapore, his diminutive teapots have won awards at the Smithsonian Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art and American Craft Exposition.  He’s adjunct faculty at Bellarmine University in Kentucky, and a practicing studio potter with an upcoming solo exhibition at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in October 2022.

Snacks and drinks are included. Clay and glaze is provided, and tools are available for purchase, or bring and use your own.  If you are travelling to the workshop, contact us for hotel recommendations.